Why do I feel so blah before my period?

feel so blah before my period

In a world where people make nasty jokes about periods, be the one who does not. While periods are not something knew, women have been having them since the dawn of the time, it certainly does not make them any less of an inconvenience. 

Not only is the experience of periods itself a great source of discomfort, the entire exercise of have they started, changing the period paraphernalia, the cramps, the bleeding, only to rinse and repeat, but the time before periods is also just as bad. 

Due to hormonal changes that tend to occur in the body before periods, there are issues that tend to then happen with the physical as well as the mental health. 

Common problems that occur before periods that cause you to feel blah 


Yes, the flu that occurs before periods is not a coincidence; it is very much real. Even though there is little understanding of why the flu happens in the medical world, as your gynecologist in Lahore would also tell you, there is plenty of evidence to such suggest that is very much is a force to be reckoned with. 

And because of the dearth of knowledge about the flu, one can only possibly blame the period hormones for it, but that too, prematurely. 

Some of the symptoms of the period-flu include: 

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness and disorientation 
  • Fever
  • Muscular pains
  • Digestive Issues

There are things that you can do to improve the symptoms in the now and prevent episodes in the future. A rule of thumb that is applicable in all cases is that the better your health is, the better your hormones will be regulated, and thus, the lesser symptoms of these condition will happen. 

Therefore, work on your physical health by eating well and exercising regularly. Try to get enough sleep and make sure you are getting sufficient nutrients. You should talk to your doctor about taking supplements. 

During a bout of flu, try to curb the symptoms by taking OTC medication to manage the symptoms like pain and fever. For the digestive issues, it helps to stay hydrated and take anti-diarrheal drugs if needed. 

Certain health problems become worse

It has been noted that women with certain health problems like irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, lupus, MS, epilepsy, and some autoimmune disorders observe worsening of the symptoms before the onset of the periods. 

Again, the health becoming blah just before the periods is no coincidence, even though the symptoms may be associated with other health conditions, periods are not entirely off the hook. 

On account of the hormonal changes alongside the immune changes over the course of the menstrual cycle, the symptoms of certain conditions are triggered. These then make you feel poorly. 

Mental health definitely becomes more fragile 

Another aspect of your health that takes a direct hit right before you get your periods is your mental health. And unfortunately, while it is a punch line of many cheap jokes and misogynistic remarks –ah, the age-old insult of calling one having PMS –, the problem is very much real. 

Before the onset of periods, your body undergoes drastic hormonal changes that have an impact on your mood and mind. These symptoms are collectively referred to as PMS, premenstrual syndrome, which has physical symptoms like cramps and bloating, but more importantly, mental symptoms like mood swings, low mood, anger, heightened anxiety, depression, lack of emotional regulation, etc. 

Anyone experiencing the emotional aspect of PMS can vouch for just how excruciating the symptoms are. One feels confused as they reel from the impact of the low mood and the quick temper, over which they do not have control, because it is the hormones playing the mind game. 

PMS symptoms can be moderated some by working on your health. Try to get regular exercise for better mental and physical health. Eat and sleep better. Protect your mental health like a mother hen. 

However, some women have a more severe form of PMS, known as premenstrual dysmorphic disorder or PMDD, which requires treatment from best gynecologist in Karachi

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