Why Business Owners Spend Real Money for Metaverse Virtual Land

metaverse real estate

Real estate presents business owners with a lucrative investment opportunity. It is a safe bet because the land value will only go up. But the new trend is to invest in metaverse real estate.

The general public is taking an interest in the metaverse. That interest is helping soar the value of land in the metaverse. Metaverse land is virtual land with real-world value. People can buy and trade this land through cryptocurrencies, usually specific to the metaverse where that plot of land is. However, there are some metaverses where more common cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are used to purchase land.

A Sudden Increase in Metaverse Real Estate Investments

People have started to understand that metaverse will be the future. It will encompass everything from entertainment to education. In fact, we’re moving towards a virtual world where most of our activities, including work, will be in virtual worlds. So it is not a question of if but when the general population will accept metaverse, and digital life in general, as the new norm.

According to metaverse real estate investors, very soon.

They’re investing in metaverse land because of the associated clout and the perceived value. These investments are almost the same as we witness in the real world.

Land in the metaverse has a unique identity. It cannot be duplicated, no matter what. This property invites trust and helps businesses gain confidence in their investments. But unlike real-world land, where fraudulent records can trick people out of their land.

If someone buys a parcel of land in the metaverse, that plot of land will be available in the metaverse, even if they don’t visit it for months. Others can visit the land. If some property is built on top of it, there’s a possibility to make revenue from that land. For example, one can rent out the land to builders and generate passive income in the process.

Past Metaverse Real Estate Investments

Many investors, brands, and celebrities have invested in the metaverse. These investments have only added to the credibility of virtual land and helped increase its value.

Our first example is Atari, a gaming giant. Atari recently made headlines for selling virtual land worth more than $4.3 million. This is one of the biggest metaverse land purchases to date. Another investment was made by the Metaverse Group, which spent $2.43 million to buy a piece of metaverse land.

Coming to celebrities, we have Snoop Dogg. He has bought a virtual home in the metaverse that attracts new visitors daily. Paris Hilton has also bought land in the metaverse. And not just any land but an island.

Adidas and other brands have also propped up their virtual stores in the metaverse to showcase their NFTs. These stores attract people to the metaverse and instigate a rise in the value of metaverse real estate.

Should You be Interested in Metaverse Real Estate?

Real estate in the metaverse provides an opportunity to even novices who want to invest. The market is not saturated, so one should make a move right now to take the first mover’s advantage.

Many investors are sharing their numbers and profits to hammer home the point that metaverse real estate is the future of investments.

Virtual land offers unlimited growth potential, both monetarily and creatively. People have made homes, virtual cafes, and even malls on plots of virtual land.

This is the initial phase of web3 and investments in the metaverse. Being skeptical is not abnormal in this case. But the metaverse is thought to be the future of how we live. It is a real possibility that the real estate value of the metaverse will only grow.

Just keep in mind that blind investment isn’t recommended. Do your own research and see which metaverse is growing with a stable foundation. Otherwise, you may be subject to losses.

With that said, XANA is a quite stable decentralized metaverse with its foundation on EVM. It is a world full of potential, from NFTs to avatars and LAND.

As an investment opportunity, XANA LAND is a good candidate because it is getting populated by big brands. These brands will attract more people to XANA and make its LAND value go up exponentially. One can buy LAND in XANA and build a World for themselves without any physical restraints.

XANA metaverse has a lot more to offer than its LAND. You can visit various places, get acquainted with new people, and join the XANA community.

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