Why 85% of Dubai Residents Are Foreigners

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The UAE’s population is mostly composed of expatriates. Many of them come here because of the employment opportunities offered by the UAE. These job opportunities are attractive because of the benefits that UAE employers offer to their employees. In addition to the financial incentives, expatriates receive a free education and medical facilities that are unavailable in their country of origin. The UAE government provides financial and social support to its foreign workers, which is one of the reasons why they are willing to stay here. The UAE is a multicultural society. Most people who live here are not from the UAE. Instead, they come here because of the rich history, the availability of high-quality jobs and the favorable environment and also start a company in Dubai.

Great Weather

You’ll feel relaxed if you can spend your day outside. You can get exercise and have fun doing it. In addition, living in Dubai gives you a chance to enjoy the best weather conditions possible. You can enjoy the sun while you’re out walking or swimming in the ocean. There are plenty of beaches where you can play sports or relax. In the evenings, you can watch the sunset from your balcony. You’ll love living here because of the weather.

Job Opportunities

Dubai has a population of approximately 2.55 million. The city is located on the Persian Gulf coast. This makes it a strategic hub for trading and shipping. The climate is hot and humid with a high average temperature of 42 degrees. The city’s infrastructure is modern and well-developed. Dubai has many skyscrapers which include Burj Khalifa, the tallest manmade structure in the world. There are several museums and art galleries in the city.

People come to Dubai for its excellent quality of life and for its diverse and stimulating culture. For many years, Dubai has been a major tourist attraction for people from all over the world. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with an excellent quality of life.

No Income Tax

In Dubai, anyone can work and earn money. This is because there is no taxation system in place. You won’t need to declare your income to the government. There are no deductions for your taxes either. This means that you will not be taxed on your earnings. As a result, your salary increases as you work. This makes it a great place to work. Another benefit is that your money will stay in Dubai longer than anywhere else. For example, if you earned $100,000 last year and then left Dubai, that $100,000 would be added to the local currency as long as you live here. So, people love to do Company registration in Dubai.


Dubai has made itself accessible to the public by offering its citizens, tourists and businessmen, a wide array of accommodation options that range from luxury to budget-friendly and everything in between. Visitors can find a wide variety of accommodation including hotels, hostels, apartments, villas, serviced apartments and self-catering villas. Some of the city’s top hotel brands include Marriott, Hilton, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Fairmont, Ritz Carlton, Conrad and Shangri-La. Dubai has many hotels that cater to families, with many of them offering kids clubs and babysitting services. In addition, many Dubai hotels offer family rooms.

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