Who Makes Live Slot Games?

Live Slot Games

You may pick from various games when it comes to online slots for real money. Video slots at online casinos come in multiple styles and feature sets. 

You’ve probably seen a few of these slot machines in your day. However, live dealer slots are a variant you might need to be aware of. These games are unlike anything you’ve seen on a slot machine before. 

Either you’re familiar with live dealer slots or have heard about them for the first time. In either case, you may want to take a look at these fantastic slot machines. 

How Live Slots are Played

You start a round of live slots by deciding how much money you want to risk. The betting limits are different for each casino and game. 

After settling on a wager, you can hit “spin.” Your wager will signal to the dealer when to spin the wheel. 

The wheel is divided into many thin sections that bear numerical values. When the indicator points to a certain section, the corresponding number indicates the potential payout. 

Having your winnings and money tracked by the programme as you play is convenient. To this extent, live slot machines are similar to their mechanical counterparts. 

You can either alter your wager or restart the game once the round is over. You will likely repeat the second step frequently when you win a bet. 


Playtech’s Live Slots usher in a brand-new category of live-dealer gambling. Playtech’s first attempt into live-action slot machine games is Live Buffalo Blitz. Unlike any other live-action game ever released, this one is truly innovative. 

Live Buffalo Blitz is Playtech’s first live-action slot machine. 

This is the first game like this, hosted by a presenter and including an internet slot machine that any number of participants can access simultaneously. 

Players can engage in chit-chat with one another while the game progresses. 

You might compare it to slot machine games you’ve seen on Youtube. 

In contrast, the host has no impact on the game’s outcome other than occasionally manually spinning the wheel at players’ requests in the chat. 

The Presenters are tasked with keeping the conversation lively and entertaining so that the players continue participating. 

Evolution Gaming

At the moment, live dealer slots are only available from Evolution Gaming. They are the ones who first started playing these games. 

Several years ago, evolution launched their live slot machine, Mermaid’s Fortune. Since then, they have yet to take steps from this game. 

The stunning female protagonist of the one-of-a-kind slot machine Mermaid’s Fortune spins a wheel against a lush, tropical backdrop. 

The mermaid will spin the wheel while she sits to your right. She’s also available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have in the accompanying chat window. 

Ocean scenery, sandy beaches, palm palms, a ship, and a treasure chest all serve as the setting for this game. The setting is perfect for enhancing the story’s central topic. 

Those gambling establishments that use Evolution Gaming games will have Mermaid’s Fortune available to play. This live slot might only be available at some of the casinos that Evolution currently powers. You can only expect to find it after a while, but if you keep looking at casinos.

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