What size Ebike do I need?


I got it! You’re looking to buy a new Ebike and aren’t sure what size bike you need.

I also understand that bike size charts can be confusing and difficult to follow, so I’ve put together this simple bike size guide for you.

A well-fitted bike is not only more comfortable, but it also allows you to perform to your full potential without putting unnecessary stress on your body.

This guide contains some of the most accurate bike size charts, including data based on average rider sizes around the world. So whatever bike you’re looking to buy, I’ve got you covered!

If you’re shopping for a new e-bike, check out our updated e-bike size chart. Or, if you’re shopping for a new mountain bike, I’ve put together one of the most accurate mountain bike size charts used by thousands of people worldwide to help you choose. The most suitable hovsco bike size.

How to measure a bike (How bike size works)

There are two standard ways to determine bike size. What bike size do I need?

For adults, the bike is about the size of their frame. The size measurement you see shown by manufacturers and retailers is the length from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube.

Adult bike sizes are usually displayed in inches or centimeters and are often displayed with rough size guidelines, such as small or large.

Children’s bicycles, on the other hand, are classified into size categories based on their wheel diameters. Children’s bicycle dimensions are in inches.

Popular kids hovsco bike sizes include 16,18 and 20 inches.

Kids’ bike sizes go up to 24 inches and once kids are bigger than 24 inches, they’re ready to ride an adult bike!

The most appropriate bike frame or wheel size correlates with an individual’s height and length. Most bike manufacturers use the same sizing method, but the brand and shape of a bike can vary the recommended rider size.

How to measure a bike (How to measure a bike)

Now that you understand the basics of how to measure adult and children’s bicycles, I’ll show you the easiest way to measure your own bike.

The simple steps below will guide you through the most reliable ways to get these measurements.

Both measurements are easier to do if you have a friend with you to help. However, you can get them yourself, so don’t worry if you don’t have an assistant.

I recommend taking these measurements while wearing your favorite pair of cycling shoes. However, if you want to take your measurements off with shoes, that’s fine too.

For accuracy, it is essential to take both measurements, barefoot or in shoes, not interchangeably.

How to measure Inseam for bike size

Your inseam is the distance from the top of your crotch, down the inside of your leg, to the ground.

The inseam measurement determines the height of the bike so that the rider can comfortably land with his feet while on the bike.

To get an internal measurement, you will need a sturdy book and a tape measure.

If you are unsure about taking your internal measurement, the above diagram will be helpful.

On level ground, stand in your usual cycling shoes with your back to the wall, feet shoulder-width apart.

Grab a sturdy book and ask your assistant to place the book as high as it is comfortable between your legs (mimicking a bicycle seat). Make sure that the spine is pressed flat against the wall.

While your assistant holds the book firmly in place, step away from the wall, being careful not to drop the book.

Now, take a ruler, and measure the distance between the top of the book and the ground.

This length is your length. Please note that you do not have to measure again.

How to measure the height of bike size

Your height is the distance from the floor to the top of your head.

If you’ve worn regular cycling shoes to measure your height, wear them again to measure your height.

To measure a cyclist’s height, you’ll need a sturdy book and a measuring tape. A pencil will also be helpful if you like to make light marks on the wall, which you can then erase.

An assistant will also be needed for this step to ensure accurate measurements.

If you are unsure of how to measure your height, the above diagram will be helpful.

Measure your height to determine your bike size with these simple steps:

If you’ve already worn your fancy cycling shoes to measure your length, keep them, otherwise continue barefoot.

Stand with your back against the wall, feet shoulder-width apart, and chin parallel to the ground.

If you have an assistant to help, ask them to take the book and lay it flat on top of your head while pressing it against the wall.

Now, step out from under the book, making sure it doesn’t move.

If you’re happy with drawing a small line on your wall, take a pencil and lightly draw a 1cm line where the book makes contact with the wall.

Using a ruler, measure the distance from the ground to the line you drew or to the top of the book.

This measurement is your height to determine the hovsco bike size.

Bike Size Chart – Adult bike sizes for all bikes

As you already understand, the size of an adult bike correlates with the rider’s height and height measurements.

Below each hovsco bike size chart, I explain exactly how to measure a specific bike’s frame size.

You can also use the buttons below to quickly navigate to your desired bike size chart.

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