TOTO’s growth stage Major bases in 2023


It will be a great opportunity to rebuild your life, grow, become a better person, and discover a new way of life. This is the growth stage of TOTO’s major sites. You will stop thinking about gambling and be ready to deal with whatever life throws at you. By eliminating the influence of gambling 메이저사이트  on your behavior, you will be able to face and deal with the problem.

You will be able to sacrifice yourself for others and give love and attention to those around you. In addition to this, the experience of overcoming a gambling addiction provides great personal insight. You will understand yourself and others better and be more powerful in your new gambling-free life.

Circle of change

The three stages of gambling are great tools for visualizing the recovery process. Still, it is not ideal for recognizing the insidious courses and relapses that are common during sustained recovery in Toto.

In the late 1970s, a “super-theoretical model” was developed that studied smokers’ experiences of coping with addiction and outlined multiple stages of change. The model operates on the premise that people do not change habitual behavior rapidly and decisively, but continuously in a cyclical process in 메이저사이트.

According to this model, there are six stages of change.

Precontemplation. At this stage, the person is unaware that their behavior is problematic or may have negative consequences. We often overestimate the pros and cons of changing behavior.

  • Contemplation. At this stage, a person begins to take on healthier behaviors or refrains from unhealthy behaviors for the time being. Realizing that your actions matter, you begin to consider the pros and cons of making change more thoughtfully and realistically. However, these people may still be unsure if they want to make a change.
  • Make a decision. At this stage (also called readiness stage), people are ready to take action within the next 30 days. We believe that taking small steps towards desired changes and making changes leads to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Take Action. In the Take Action stage, people have recently made changes and are planning to move on. This can be manifested by changing problematic behaviors or learning new healthy types of behaviors.
  • Maintain. At this stage, people have successfully maintained their new and modified behavior for a period of time (defined as 6 months or longer) and will continue to do so. You want to prevent a recurrence, and you don’t want to go back to your previous unhealthy behavior.


At this stage, people do not want to return to their unhealthy behaviors and are confident that they will not relapse. However, reaching this stage is extremely rare. Since most people are in the maintenance phase, it rarely ends. Although progression and recurrence are only mentioned above in the maintenance phase, they can still occur at any time. Such a relapse may slow a person’s progress, but it is very important that the person stays hopeful and keeps moving forward. These two models have certain limitations and while they are not perfect, they are capable of demonstrating the stance needed to win a fight. Consider what you can do. take care

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