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software architecture consulting

What is software architecture?

The software architecture design process consists in designing the structure of all its components that are functionally related to the problem being solved, including the interfaces between them and the requirements for them. Software architecture in the traditional sense includes the definition of all program modules, their hierarchy and the interface between them and data.

If a stand-alone program is being developed, the input to this process will be detailed external specifications. If a software product system is being developed, the input to this process will be the detailed external specifications and functional architecture of the system.

The traditional method of dealing with complexity – the principle of “Divide and Conquer” – is often called “Modularization”. During the development of the software architecture, its modular-hierarchical construction is carried out.

One of the most important phases of the development of our system is to correctly and appropriately define the architecture of the system that will be used. This decision will depend on several factors that involve the purpose of the system, volume of accesses, possible integrations with other systems and several other non-functional requirements such as performance, security, log levels, audits, among others. An error in this phase of the project can compromise all subsequent steps, generating rework and additional costs.  In this article we will give you the best tips, how to choose right software architecture consulting service. Let’s start!

What is a software architecture consulting service?

Software architecture consulting is a service provided by specialized companies that directly analyze the company’s needs and business rules, making the best choices and solution options. The work is done after a deep investigation of the business rules and analysis of everything that is necessary to keep the company running.

In addition, possible failures and problems are raised, and of course, the company’s critical risk situations are also noted. All this is involved in some of the main types of software architecture, which we will see later.

What are the types of Software Architecture?

In general, we have approximately 6 main types that can be chosen during a software architecture consultancy. However, they all have their pros and cons, so let’s make a brief description:

1 – Centralized architecture

In this model we have all the data and infrastructure working centrally in a single Data Center system.

This is a somewhat simpler and more economical system to implement, however you run risks with security, as you may have data loss if the main server is damaged.

Even a malicious hacker invasion can be more streamlined.

2 – Decentralized architecture 

This type is an advanced one compared to the previous one, where several data centers, servers or computers maintain the system. It can be a little more difficult to maintain, but it’s a safer option.

In addition, it is possible to keep part of the operating systems if one of the servers is down.

3 – Service Oriented Architecture 

It is a type of architecture very similar to SaaS ( Software as a Service ). In it, it is possible to find all the functionalities of the company divided into services of different modules.

Thus, this can be done in a safer way and focused on specific software.

4 – Peer-to-peer

This is a current trend that has proven to be one of the safest options. However, robust hardware and extremely specialized labor are required.

With it, the administration of everything becomes conferred through all the computers involved. It is the same blockchain system used in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

5 – Bring Your Own Device

Also called BYOD, this is a structure where each employee ends up using their own hardware to access the company’s systems.

Without a doubt, it is the cheapest and easiest option to implement. However, the security risks are enormous, after all, users are subject to all kinds of threats possible when outside the company.

6 – Cloud

Cloud-based architecture is a favorite today, especially among architecture consultancies. Both for the availability of resources, as well as for the final quality of the work.

In it, processing can be done entirely within servers of companies specializing in cloud services.

Thus, not only can the systems run externally, but it will even be possible to create virtual machines that users access on their computers.

How to hire a software architecture consultant? Tips and life hacks.

Find out that the consultant has collaborated with companies from your field of activity or your profile

A specialist who has worked for many years in the financial industry, most likely, will not be able to implement complex projects at a manufacturing enterprise due to a lack of knowledge and experience. That’s why before you hire a job seeker, make sure that he has successfully collaborated with companies from your field of activity or your profile.

Find out if the specialist has any certificates confirming his qualifications. Ask if he knows how to work with the equipment or programs that you use in your firm or company.

Get references about an software architecture consultant from previous jobs

Ask the job seeker for references from clients or previous jobs. If he refuses to provide such information, then he has something to hide, and this should be alarming.

Try to find out if the consultant cooperates with vendors

An IT consultant can work with certain vendors (for example, certified partners) and promote their products. It will be interesting for him to earn additional services.

Before hiring, try to find out what kind of relationship the applicant has with vendors.

Check the applicant’s bio

Before giving a consultant access to your business systems, study his biography, collect as much data as possible about the past. Information can be obtained from colleagues and from the previous place of work. Check out his pages on various social networks, see who the applicant is friends with, how he spends his free time, how he relaxes.

Assess communication and teamwork skills

Chat with a software architecture specialist, evaluate his ability to express thoughts. Find out how well the applicant communicates the right information to the team or to management.

Experts from the IT industry are sure that software architecture consultants are required to understand business and express their thoughts competently.

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