Six Reasons Your Home Needs Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding Screen Doors

A home with screen doors is a happy one because these easily-installed home pieces bring many positive benefits to your life. You might think sliding screen doors are only good for letting air inside, but they do much more than that! In fact, there are six major reasons why your home needs sliding screen doors. Keep reading to learn them.

  1. Sliding Screen Doors Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

When you install a sliding screen door, you have the ability to open up your doors to the fresh outdoor air any time of the day or night without worrying about having an exposed entrance to your home. Having fresh air circulating around your home is not just pleasant to experience (especially when it brings with it the sweet smells of the neighborhood, like fresh cut grass and potent florals) but it’s also good for you. The air inside your home, referred to as stale air, carries a whole range of pollutants that are especially damaging to your respiratory system, skin, and mental health. These include chemicals, mold, pet dander, dust, viruses, and paint. Stale air is also known to limit the amount of oxygen you intake, but fresh air increases it.

  1. Sliding Screen Doors Add Protection to Your Home

A protected home is one that has extra layers of security blocking access inside for people you haven’t invited, which is why a sliding screen door levels up your state of protection. Not only will your screen door look like an instant deterrent when you have your doors open, but you can also configure it to keep you safe. Simply lock your screen door from the inside and rest easy that no one will enter your home while you have your doors open and your screens in place.

  1. Screen Doors Keep Children and Pets Safely Inside

If you have either pets or children, or perhaps both, you know how rambunctious the little creatures can be. Babies and toddlers are prone to following their parents wherever they go, including when they step outside, but you certainly don’t want your children falling down the steps or wandering around your yard towards the street, whether you’re there or they got out on their own. Similarly, pets (high energy dogs, in particular) will take every opportunity to burst outside, whether they see a squirrel or the mail deliverer. You can keep your beloved little friends safely inside your home where you can keep an eye on them with sliding screen doors.

  1. Screen Doors Reduce Your Utilities Bill

Screen doors can actually save you money on your utilities for a couple different reasons. Letting the cool breezes circulate through your home is a surprisingly effective way to cool down your rooms. But when the sun is shining and you let it in, you can add warmth to your home as well. Plus, opening up your door so sunlight can pour through the mesh or glass of your screen doors saves you money on your lighting bill!

  1. Screen Doors Secure Your Home Against Bugs and Wildlife

While you’re enjoying the benefits of a sliding screen door, such as the cool breezes and glorious sunshine moving through your home, you can also rest assured that you aren’t letting annoying bugs into your personal spaces. When you sit outside, you can expect to encounter bugs and other wildlife, but when you’re relaxing inside your home, you never want to be bombarded by insects. Screen doors prevent you from having to worry. Besides bugs, other wildlife sometimes sneaks into your home while the door is open, such as rodents, lizards, snakes, racoons, stray cats, or frogs, depending on where you live. You don’t have to worry about encountering these uninvited guests, either, if you install a screen door.

  1. Screen Doors Expand Your Space

Some days the weather is so lovely that you don’t know whether to sit indoors or outdoors. While you can enjoy the sun and shade outside and the sweet natural smells, the inside is often quieter and more private. When you have screen doors set up, you don’t need to feel like the choice is so narrow. Whether you sit outside and keep an ear and eye on your children playing indoors, or sit inside and still enjoy the cool breezes and sunlight pouring inside the screens, you can essentially expand your space when you have freedom to keep the doors open. Additionally, if you ever have a house full of people, screen doors let you open up your home to have more space without the house and yard feeling like separate places.

There are many good reasons to fit your home with sliding screen doors—we can think of six smart ways screen doors will positively add to your life. Since you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air and easy access into your home all year round, this home item is practical, too. Don’t wait to get your screen doors installed if you want to take advantage of these six life improvements!

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