Reasons Why Dentists Want You to Drink Fantasy Tea

Why Dentists Want You to Drink Fantasy Tea

You’ve likely already heard lots of good stuff about what drinking tea does for your overall health, but did you know that it’s great for your teeth too? Most of us don’t need a reason to get stuck into Fantasy Tea and other great blends like it, so the fact that it helps to maintain your oral health is another bonus. 

Believe it or not, tea only comes behind water when it comes to liquids your body benefits from. However, let’s not get stuck engaging in hyperbole – let’s instead get straight into looking at what it is about tea that supports your teeth & gums.

Tea Helps Gum Health 

Ok, so blends like Fantasy Tea are on the sweeter side of things, so you might be wondering how it can be good for your teeth. However, we’re talking about natural sugars here rather than refined ones, and the tea’s other qualities more than make up for it. For instance, tea is known to be helpful in keeping your gums healthy by controlling inflammation and replacing bad bacteria. 

You’ll Lose Fewer Teeth Too! 

The fact that your gums are protected, means that those who drink tea throughout their lives are much less likely to lose their teeth later in life. This is backed by studies that clearly demonstrate that adults who drink a least one cup of tea per day are much more likely to hold onto their teeth well into old age and beyond. 

You’ll Have Fewer Cavities

The acidity in your mouth plays a large part in how many cavities you have. When it’s too high, it can lead to enamel destruction, which then leads to cavities and tooth decay. Ok, so there’s a certain amount of acidity to sweetened beverages like Fantasy Tea, but it doesn’t spend long in the mouth and quickly washes away all other food and bacteria that may have been caught there. 

You’ll Have Fresher Breath

Another reason why your dentist would like you to drink Fantasy Tea and other blends, is that they help to freshen your breath. They do this by eliminating the bacteria that collects at the back of the throat (away from where you’re able to get to with your toothbrush). Having one or two cups of tea per day helps to wash this bacteria away and stop it from creating pongs! 

Fantasy Tea – More than Just a Dreamy Beverage! 

So, as we can see, tea is your mouth’s friend – and not just because it tastes amazing. Of course, it might be better if you opt for a non-sweetened blend, but even those with added flavoring offer support to your teeth and gums. 

What’s for sure is that any blend of tea is going to be better for your teeth than a soda or sports drink, so they’re a great option for anyone wanting to protect their oral health. Able to keep your mouth’s pH levels balanced for longer and also keep bacteria under control, tea is a powerful tool to use in a bid to ward off tooth decay. 

Certainly something to think about the next time you’re poring over which drinks to buy in the supermarket aisle, wouldn’t you say?

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