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Deal Draw Poker is not one of the fascinating 메이저사이트variations of video poker that we have discovered, but it does have some appealing qualities. The possibility of getting paid (or, at the very least, the chance of getting paid) twice for each hand holds a certain allure for many people.


This is not a game in and of itself; instead, it is one of many variations. It uses a standard poker game as its foundation, such as Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild. We recommend that you use the strategy suitable for the base game you are currently playing.

Although we are not aware of any online casinos that 메이저사이트offer versions of Deal Draw Poker that can be played with real money, you should be able to find any of the base games at any of the reputable casinos that we recommend on this page.

A variant of video poker known as Crazy Times Pay Poker allows players to receive multipliers in addition to sure winning hands after the deal has been made. It’s not a new game in and of itself; instead, it’s an addition that’s made to an existing game, similar to how a lot of these more unique video poker games work.

A variant of video poker

You get these random multipliers for nothing. That’s not how it works. To use this feature, you will need to increase the size of your bet by a factor of two. There is a range from 2X to 5X for the multipliers.

On this page, you will find detailed instructions on playing Crazy Times Pay Poker. In addition, we have provided strategic advice and recommendations for playing online, as well as the information we have been able to ascertain regarding the pay tables and payback percentages associated with the game.

How to Play Poker During Crazy Times and Get Paid

First, let’s go over some of the fundamentals that apply to video poker in general, and then we’ll dive into the specifics of how this particular variation is played.

You are dealt a virtual hand of five cards on a computer screen when playing almost any type of VP game. Imagine playing a game of solitaire on your computer, but instead of having all the cards dealt face up in front of you, you only have five. You will be given the option to decide which cards to keep and which to swap out for new ones. After completing your final hand, you will receive a payout following the pay table for the game.

However, there are a few intriguing complexities to consider with this. To begin, you can place a wager of anywhere from one to five coins on each hand. However, placing the maximum coin bet (5 coins) would be best.

If you have wagered the maximum number of coins, the payout for a royal flush is 800 to 1. On the other hand, the payoff for this hand is reduced to 250 to 1 if you have only bet four coins (or fewer).

Even though the hand does not come up very frequently, the difference in the payout is significant enough that it has a substantial impact on the overall mathematical return for the game.


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