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Absolutepoker, Ultimate Bet, and UB were among the names seized on Black Friday. These three domains were all associated with the Cereus메이저놀이터 Network. In the wake of the cheating revelations, all of these services were having trouble attracting new customers, but each had a sufficient number of devoted users to keep them afloat.

The Cereus Network was the only company메이저놀이터 associated with Black Friday that had not put any significant effort into expanding its operations to countries other than the United States. The other businesses decided to work with the Department of Justice to better serve their overseas customers. Because Cereus could not continue to operate without the patronage of its American customers, the company was less keen to settle. The United States Attorney’s Office released a press statement on April 20, 2011, informing the public of the arrangement they had reached with the other two poker sites, which handed them authority over those sites’ domain names.


In the accompanying news statement, an explicit invitation was made to establish a similar collaboration with the Cereus Network.

Nobody from the Cereus Network had made any efforts to collaborate with the Department of Justice or to respond in any manner to the indictment.

They were the only website that did not instantly stop accepting real money wagers from players in the United States. If the indictment statement posted by the DOJ on the site did not strike fear into the hearts of some gamers, they might continue playing Poker.

Naturally, tens of thousands of players attempted to withdraw their monies, but none of the Cereus Network sites would process any of their payment requests.


Absolute Poker released its first official statement the day after the United States Attorney attempted to reach a settlement with the company. The statement was issued in response to Black Friday. They stated that they were discussing the matter with their attorneys before taking further action.

In addition, they claimed in their statement that they were committed to reimbursing the player’s balances as quickly as feasible.

Regrettably, the next week’s activities made it very evident that players could not rely on that level of dedication.

Blanca Gaming of Antigua, the parent business of the Cereus Network, recently terminated the employment of 95% of its workforce, which included several professional poker players who sponsored the various sites.

Blanca Gaming announced that the company would submit a bankruptcy petition on May 4, 2011.

By May 10, Cereus Network had struck an agreement with the DOJ, committing to block players from the United States and starting the payments process. Those rewards, however, have yet to materialize.

After Blanca Gaming filed for bankruptcy, there was little chance that the players on the Cereus Network would ever see the money they had saved in their accounts. After the company filed for bankruptcy, there was no means for the players to continue trying to get paid, and the corporation did not have the money to pay them anyhow.


Many participants gave up any chance of ever getting their money back. However, in the end, the Department of Justice (DOJ) utilized the funds that it had accumulated from the various prior criminal settlements to reimburse as many of the players as it could.

It was not until the fall of 2017—more than six years after the initial indictment—that the players on the Cereus Network received any money for their participation in the game.

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