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Wiggers departs VentureBeat for TechCrunch

VentureBeat senior staff writer Kyle Wiggers is leaving the news site for TechCrunch. His first day will be March 28. Wiggers writes about artificial intelligence for VentureBeat and lives in New York City. He previously was…

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NBC News promotes Tsirkin to congressional correspondent

NBC News has named Julie Tsirkin a congressional correspondent to cover daily happenings on Capitol Hill. Previously, she covered Capitol Hill as a field producer and off-air reporter. Tsirkin interned at MSNBC, where she…

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Andreessen Horowitz hires NerdWallet’s Leung as executive editor

And of course Maggie is joining our outstanding editorial team, led by our wonderful managing editor Amelia Salyers, who hired many of the editors, and of course, the super-talented and incomparable Sonal…

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Binary Translator: Things You Didn’t Know

Are you tired of seeing the ‘001001’ sequence on your computer screen? Or maybe intrigued by the digits and want to know what they mean? In both situations, the answer…

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