Mobile development trends, main features in 2022

Mobile development trends

People are increasingly turning to mobile apps to meet their daily needs. Call a cab, go to the bank, order food or medicine, play games, buy clothes, call a plumber, and so on.

Businesses are responding to current realities and are increasingly opting for mobile apps, which is not surprising – after all, this is the only channel of communication with the target audience with such great reach and depth of interaction. Today, custom software development services help to use only the latest technology in your unique projects.

Last year showed the world the importance and huge influence of apps. During the pandemic, it was those who were already interacting with their target audience on mobile that had the attention of users. Against this backdrop, the mobile market became even more competitive. What conclusions can be drawn about 2021 and what mobile development trends should be considered in 2022?


There has never been more buying and selling through mobile apps than in 2020. The upward trend in mobile commerce predates the coronavirus, but it has significantly accelerated its development.

Spending in mobile apps reached new heights of $143 billion, an increase of 20% over the previous year. The bottom line is that we’re not just seeing explosive growth in mobile commerce, but a real shift in buying behavior.

Food delivery

For most markets analyzed, year-over-year visits increased in the second and third quarters, reaching record levels in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the U.S., Argentina, the U.K., Indonesia, growth in the fourth quarter of 2020 was 60, 65, 70, 80% respectively.

Financial applications

Worldwide usage of financial apps grew 45%.

Whether the use of apps – wallets, online banking, or investment and trading apps – financial apps are in high demand and have become an important part of the decision-making process for consumers.


Mobile gaming is a super-profitable business, showing growth year after year. And for gaming, 2021 was the most successful year.

Consumer spending on mobile gaming in 2021 will exceed $120 billion, 1.5 times more than all other gaming platforms combined.

What development trends should we be targeting in 2021?


People are using messengers more and more, and businesses don’t mind saving on call centers and automating some of their work. That is why chatbots have recently become so popular with both parties. And here the use of bots for HR automation attracts particular attention.

Simplification of interfaces and design

People are tired of flashy elements and want the app to be user-friendly first and foremost. Users like it if the app doesn’t have a lot of clicks and swipes. Fonts, too, are becoming simpler and clearer, icons and other elements are becoming as native as possible without a lot of detail, and animations are becoming functional. Light, contrasting layouts and soft shades are increasingly used.

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