Major Playgrounds: What Are They?


A Major site is a recreation of the real Major Playground. There are several locations in North America and Europe and they feature realistic sets. However, before you visit one of these recreations, you should check if it has a license to use the 메이저놀이터name and trademark.

Inclusive design

Inclusive playground design is a great way to ensure that children of all abilities can play and enjoy the same amenities. These designs are geared toward promoting physical, social, and emotional development. An inclusive playground can help combat low self-esteem among children with physical or learning disabilities. By providing an environment that allows children of all abilities to experience a variety of play experiences, they will be able to create a sense of belonging and independence.

The Me2 program is an inclusive playground design guide that applies the 7 Principles of Inclusive Design for the child’s needs. These principles were originally designed for commercial buildings, but have been tailored for the play environment. Me2 provides best practices for designing play environments that meet the needs of children of all abilities.


While a playground is an attractive place for children to play, it can be dangerous for children if it is not safe. For instance, children can easily get injured by falling down a slide or if the playground is hot. These conditions can also cause long-term injuries such as hyperthermia and thermal burns. In addition, prolonged exposure to unsafe playground conditions can lead to other health problems such as asthmatic complications. Hence, playground safety is an important issue, which should be addressed through proper maintenance, materials, and user behavior.

Several community projects are underway to ensure the safety of major playgrounds. For example, local parks and recreation departments often hire playground safety inspectors (CPSIs) to conduct an official safety audit of their playgrounds. Additionally, the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and insurance carriers have a database of CPSIs who are certified to perform such audits. If your playground meets current safety guidelines, keep the equipment in place.

Age-appropriate equipment

A great 메이저놀이터should include age-appropriate equipment to stimulate children of all ages. Often, manufacturers scale down large playsets to a smaller, preschool-sized version, or call the equipment “infant age-appropriate.” In the design process, good designers consider anthropomorphic data, cognitive abilities, and safety guidelines.

Age-appropriate playground equipment is an excellent way to ensure that children have fun, develop cognitive skills, and improve physical and social development. Using equipment appropriate to the age range of children will also prevent the emergence of frustration in children.

Impact on sedentary time

Researchers from the UK recently assessed the impact of major playground reconstruction on sedentary time in children. Overall, the study showed an overall reduction in sedentary time and increased light intensity physical activity, especially in younger children. Despite these results, further research is needed to determine whether playground management impacts children’s sedentary time.

Although the impact of major playground reconstruction on sedentary time was small, the qualitative data showed that children enjoyed the new play spaces, resulting in improvements in social interaction and well-being.


When planning for the construction of a major playground, there are many costs to consider. The largest percentage of the budget goes toward preparing the site, including the surfacing, irrigation, and drainage. Additionally, the installation and maintenance costs are a significant portion of the total cost. The final cost will also include the taxes and shipping costs. This can add another 5 to 10 percent to the overall cost. The final cost will be significantly higher if you plan to include additional features, such as seating areas.

The type of surfacing used in a playground has a big impact on the overall cost. Wooden surfacing is less expensive than rubberized surfaces. It is also important to consider existing playground equipment, as some features may need to be removed and disposed of. The environment of the playground may also require replacement or renovation. Additionally, retaining walls are often needed.

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