List of Finest Matte Lipsticks that does not flake

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Imagine starting your day with glossy red lipstick, you know the look will stand out at your workplace, the question is for how long? You have your cup of coffee and pass through the day, but your lipsticks fade and flake when you are nearing the end of the day. If this situation is relatable, then maybe it’s time to opt for matte lipstick that is long-lasting and does not flake after application.

We have curated a list of best lipstick shades from Lotus makeup products providing the best matte look. With a wide range on offer, you can choose the best lipstick colour based on your skin tone.

  1. Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer- Royal Rose

This Lip Lacquer has a velvety consistency, which allows for an easy application, and it applies a strong color in only one stroke. It has a finish that is matte and provides full coverage. Because it has a lip primer built right in, the colour won’t rub off. The colour stands out because it suits all skin types and accentuates your makeup look, the right way.

  1. Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer-Soft Pink

Soft pink is a shade that is perfect for days when you do not want to apply a lot of makeup. But rather, want to have a subtle yet beautiful looking natural lip colour. With high pigment concentration, this lipstick can enhance your makeup look with minimal effort. This lip lacquer provides a high level of coverage without causing any dryness or discomfort. Colour and comfort packed together, what more can you ask for!

Investing in a lip color that doesn’t make you look too caked up is something that we highly recommend. Additionally, if you are constantly up for a snack, select a lipstick that can withstand many meals without becoming blotchy or smudged. With its high concentration of pigments, this lip lacquer provides a high level of coverage without causing any dryness or discomfort.

  1. Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer – Wine Velvet

When you want to stand out and make an impression, you may want to try out the perfect wine shade. Is it a purple or a pink or the perfect combination of both? This lip colour never disappoints. Be it for a formal set up or a party dress up, a wine velvet shade will always steal the show.

Nobody looks forward to a lip color that dries out their lips to the point where it causes irritation and discomfort. This lip lacquer by Lotus Makeup  provides a matte finish that lasts for a long time and helps keep your lips nourished, thanks to the inclusion of argan oil. All of this with a substantial increase in colour intensity.

  1. PRO EDIT Liquid Matte Lip Color

When you want to opt for a bold lip colour shade that makes you the centre of attention, look no further than this one. With the right blend of brown and red, this lovely shade can completely transform your makeup look. One swipe is all it takes to achieve a dramatic colour payoff. Imagine applying a lip colour so smooth and luxurious that it has the texture of chocolate mousse when you swipe it on. One swipe is all it takes to achieve a dramatic color payoff with the PRO EDIT Liquid Matte Lip Color because of its intensely moisturizing composition.

  1. Ecostay Matte Lip Lacquer- Scarlet Red

What about a lip color that you can use from Monday morning boardroom presentations to Friday evening reunions, and all in between that can become your secret weapon of destruction? This Lip Lacquer in Scarlet Red can offer intense color with just one application and does not transfer.  You can also skip any other additional makeup, we are sure this colour can offer it all.

We hope this blog has helped you choose the right matte lip colour for you, and choose the best based on the occasion and your skin tone. With a wide range of colour choices, swatch multiple shades and choose the perfect lip look that suits all occasions.

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