How to Ensure the Safety of Students When Using School Transport?

How to Ensure the Safety of Students When Using School Transport?

Schools provide young pupils with a platform to learn and grow. In this modern era, schools tend to focus on more than the student’s academic growth. These are all the prominent reasons parents must focus on more than just the educational aspect of the schools. The biggest concern for parents is the safety of their children. On average more than half of the pupils use school transport for arriving and leaving school premises. Despite providing high-quality education, schools also need to ensure that students are safe until dropping them off at their homes. Your school transport department should take appropriate safety measures while providing transportation facilities.

Another risk most students face is getting on or off the school bus. According to a survey, traffic congestion is at its peak during school timings. Excessive traffic congestion is the cause of fatal accidents. It is time to improve our transportation department as new risks keep emerging. Fortunately, implementing different technological gadgets can help make your school transport safer for students. You can invest in the routing and bus management system to make your transportation department more efficient. The emergence of technology can help us resolve problems timely and provide productive solutions.

However, there is also a dire need to give your driver training sessions on how you need to pick up and drop off students. Most accidents occur because of the carelessness of drivers. Speeding and overloading are two of the top concerns we have to resolve. Know that fatal accidents and injuries happen when you do not follow the rules and regulations. In this blog, we are jotting down some ways to ensure the safety of our students while using school transport.

School bus driver training should be the priority:      

The careless behaviors of drivers are often the reason for many accidents and injuries. Monthly training sessions for your school transport drivers can save you from any unfortunate event. Make sure you train your drivers and do not exceed the speed of the vehicles while driving. Your drivers should be extra attentive to the students while driving the buses. Strictly ask the drivers to comply with the traffic rules and regulations. Your drivers must wait to let the student get off or on the bus while picking up and dropping off the students. All these minor rules can bring a significant change to save your students from injuries.

Conduct training sessions for students:      

Your students using school or public transport also need training sessions to save them from injuries. Guide the students on how to get on or off the bus. Teach the students to wait for the bus to stop while getting on and off the bus. Students should be at their stop at least five minutes earlier. Know that more accidents happen when you rush into things. Guide the students to sit straight on their seats and fasten their seat belts. You also need to instruct the students to wait at a safe place at your designated stop.

Use GPS trackers:

Technology is dominating every field of life. The use of digital gadgets can help us make matters more efficient and safer. Your school can invest in a GPS tracker to track their school buses in real time. This GPS tracking software will prove beneficial for both admin and parents. Another benefit of having GPS tracking is that it will help you with pre-designated and safe routes. Using a GPS tracker will also help the supervisor notify if there is any miscalculation.

Regular inspection of the bus:

There is a high chance of having broken shields and loose connections if you do not inspect the bus thoroughly. Moreover, regularly checking the bus will allow you to identify any problems before starting the journey. Make sure you examine the engine and do a check-up of all wires.

First aid training for drivers:      

We cannot rule out that nothing will happen, despite following all the protocols. Your school should teach your driver some first-aid training to help students in emergencies. Do not forget to keep a first aid box on the bus.

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