How to Choose the Right Women’s Tap Shoes for Your Dancing Needs

womens tap shoes

Tap dancing is a fun and exciting dance that requires specialised shoes. The right pair of tap shoes for women can help you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to take on any routine. With so many styles and brands available, knowing which pair of tap shoes are right for you can be challenging. This article breaks down some key factors to consider when choosing womens tap shoes so that you can find the perfect pair for your dancing needs.

Comfort is Key

Regarding any dance shoe, comfort is a top priority. Your tap shoes should fit snugly but not too tight, with enough room to wiggle your toes. Try on several sizes and styles before purchasing to find the perfect fit. Try on your shoes with the type of socks or tights you’ll wear for your performances.

Another factor to consider is the shoe’s weight. Heavy tap shoes can make it harder to execute quick and precise movements. Look for lightweight shoes that won’t weigh you down on the dance floor.

Style Matters

Tap shoes come in various styles, each with unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most popular types of tap shoes:

Oxford: Oxford-style tap shoes have a low-cut design and laces that tie at the front. They provide excellent support and are ideal for beginners.

Mary Jane: Mary Jane tap shoes have a strap and a low heel across the top of the foot. They are comfortable and stylish, making them popular for dancers of all levels.

Jazz: Jazz-style tap shoes have a higher heel and a more elegant look. They are ideal for more advanced dancers who want to add some flair to their performances.

Character: Character tap shoes have a chunky heel and a more theatrical look. They are perfect for musical theatre performances or other types of dance requiring extra drama.

Consider Your Dancing Style

The style of dance you’ll be performing should also influence your choice of tap shoes. Here are some things to consider based on your dancing style:

Rhythm tap: Rhythm tap is about creating unique and intricate rhythms with your feet. Look for tap shoes with a thinner sole and a higher pitch to make the most of your sound.

Broadway tap: Broadway-style tap is more theatrical and incorporates singing and dancing. Choose tap shoes with a chunkier heel and a more dramatic look to match the style of the performance.

Classical tap: Classical tap is more formal and emphasises traditional tap steps. Look for tap shoes with a low heel and a classic design to match the dance style.

Quality Matters

Finally, investing in a high-quality pair of tap shoes that will last several performances is essential. Look for shoes made from durable materials like leather that will withstand repeated wear and tear. Ensure the shoes have a sturdy construction and no loose threads or frayed edges.

It’s also worth investing in shoes with a good quality tap. Cheaper tap shoes may have taps that come loose or wear down quickly, affecting your performance. Look for shoes with high-quality taps that produce a clear and precise sound on the dance floor.


Choosing the right pair of womens tap shoes can make all the difference in your performance. Comfort, style, dancing style, and quality are all crucial factors to consider when selecting your shoes. You can feel confident and ready to perform any routine with the right pair of tap shoes and proper maintenance. Remember these tips when shopping for your next pair of tap shoes, and you’ll surely find the perfect fit for your dancing needs.

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