How can PDFs be combined? Why is this important?


Users have access to the pdf merge capability in almost all PDF software programmes. This capability, which is commonly included in apps that allow you to edit PDF files, is very beneficial.

However, as our experience has demonstrated, hardly everyone makes advantage of this option. Why? Well, some individuals simply don’t require it. However, many people are merely unaware of the advantages of merging PDF documents.

Some people even prefer the outdated workaround of printing the PDFs on paper, arranging them as desired, and then scanning them to send them back because they are illiterate. Not the most efficient use of time or the environment.

As a result, we made the decision to explain how, why, and when you would wish to combine PDF files, as well as how to go about doing so.

Combining PDF documents has many benefits

Data sharing made easy

Problems could occur if you need to upload or attach many documents. While most social media platforms and email services allow users to attach numerous files, some still maintain a one-file restriction.

For instance, what would you do if you were only permitted to send one file attachment at a time when you wanted to email your résumé, recommendation letter, portfolio, and certain certificates? What plan do you have for dealing with multiple file uploads?

One of the simplest methods is to combine your files into a single PDF document. Instead of sending each document separately, you may simply combine them into one document and submit it without any problems to the platform you require.

The easiest way to manage large projects’ documents

Numerous teams are frequently needed for large projects, and there are many different types of papers, such as plans, change requests, progress reports, etc.

The tasks, goals, and statistics of individuals, teams, and departments are often reported routinely.

What is the best way to organize all of those reports without wasting time searching for them?

Combining the various reports into one big file may be a good idea to showcase all the results and conclusions.

Consolidating multiple reports into a single, larger PDF file that is organized by data, department, task, or goal will minimise the number of files required and speed up the search process.

Use a single PDF document that contains all the information you need to avoid the headache of working with multiple files for presentations or communications.

Smarter and faster printing

When it comes to printing out numerous documents, there are two possible scenarios:

  1. Using the open file button, you send each file to print one at a time.
  2. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons and printing your files.

The first choice is essentially just a patience test. Print only once so that you may spend your precious time on chores that are more important rather than clicking away and losing sight of what has been printed and what is still to be.

Analyzing and merging

You would absolutely like it to be one file if you were scanning a huge amount of text, such as a 30-page contract or multiple pages from a book. The scanning procedure, however, may be interrupted by mistakes or technical problems.

How would you proceed if the scanning process was halted? Just keep scanning while saving the pages you’ve already scanned. Combine all of your files into a single PDF after you’re done.

Linux, Mac, and Windows PDFs combined

Combining PDFs on Windows

The best option for Windows users is to utilise Adobe Acrobat DC. It is a comprehensive and well-proven piece of software for file editing.

In addition to combining your already existing PDF files, you can also combine Word, Excel, PowerPoint, audio, video, and even web pages into a single PDF file.

You can preview the document, rearrange the pages, and remove any extraneous pages before creating the final version.

Check out Adobe Acrobat DC’s free trial before purchasing one of its plans if this sounds like what you need.

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