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There are several reasons why you may want to find information about someone. For instance, it could be that you have a new neighbour who just moved in next door, a new coworker that recently got hired in your office or even a new romantic interest that you recently got matched with. 

Either way, being able to verify a person’s background is an important part of ensuring that you know who you are dealing with and if they can be trusted. And while conducting a background check in the past used to involve hiring private investigators, these days the process has been made easy. 

You can now access almost any information that you need about an individual from a people finder named FastPeopleFinder, without having to spend heavily or waste time. So, make sure to read more to learn everything you need to know about what makes the online service such a valuable resource.

What Is FastPeopleFinder?

FastPeopleFinder is a people search online platform that helps users quickly and safely access any publicly available information about a person. All you need is to enter the individual’s name on the search bar and the lookup site will comb through its extensive network of public databases, social media sites, and online directories. 

Within minutes, the platform will aggregate as much information as it can find online into an in-depth background report that will detail your target’s basic information. This includes their contact information, address, social media profiles, employment history, criminal records, etc. 

On top of that, you can even lookup addresses on FastPeopleFinder, which also comes with multiple search options to choose from. These include; name lookup, address lookup, email lookup and phone lookup, which makes it an extremely fast and reliable way to trace lost kin or gather information about a suspicious person.  

However, what really makes FastPeopleFinder so impressive is the fact that it manages to pack all this vital information in one report and offers it to users without charging them anything whatsoever. In other words, you can perform a search using the platform without having to sign up or worry about any hidden fees at any point in the process.

Step-by-step Guide to Do a People Search

Conducting a reverse people search via FastPeopleFinder is a simple process that doesn’t require users to go through any complex procedures or registration processes. 

You only need to follow a few key steps and you will almost instantly have access to a highly compressive background report on the person of interest. Plus, the site is mobile-optimized, so you can carry out a search via mobile or computer.

Step 1: Open FastPeopleFinder homepage

The first step that you need to take is to head over to FastPeopleFinder’s homepage on your browser. From there, you can either choose to use the address, email, or phone number lookup tool to start your reverse search. For the sake of this guide, we’ll select ‘phone lookup’ as an example.

Step 2: Wait for the results

Once you input the number, the search engine will instantly scan multiple online databases, directories and indexes for matching entries, as well as any relevant information tied to it. This process will normally take just a few minutes, so won’t have to wait very long for the results.

Step 3: Review the report

The background report will usually detail a fair amount of useful information on the registered owner of the number such as their name, email, social accounts, residential/business addresses, employment background, criminal history, etc. Once you are done reviewing the report, you can download the PDF to your personal storage to refer to later.

Is FastPeopleFinder’s Data Accurate?

FastPeopleFinder’s search platform utilizes advanced software that scours public, federal and state databases to compile any relevant information on a target into a detailed report. 

This information is also cross-referenced against other data sets, which fills in any missing gaps, as well as ensures complete accuracy.

Furthermore, FastPeopleFinder only extracts information from official and verified sources such as; court records, federal databases, consumer reporting agencies, property records, social network data, online directories, and more. 

As a result, all of the results generated by the service can be consistently relied upon to be highly accurate, relevant and up-to-date, without fear of any alterations or falsifications whatsoever. To find someone for your contact needs, browse this page to start looking up an address. 


What Methods Can I Use To Find People Fast Online?

#1. Google

This is the most popular method that people often use to conduct a quick people search. Google’s search engine has access to billions of online websites, social sites and datasets, which means that you should be able to retrieve any information related to your search query.

However, the downside of Google is that it doesn’t always produce relevant results. As such, there is a high chance that you will be flooded with tons of results and not be able to quickly tell what is relevant and not relevant.

#2. Social media

You can also head straight to a social media platform like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and use their search engines to find information on an individual. In some cases, they may have created accounts using their real names, emails and/or numbers. 

However, the problem with social media searches is that they don’t always produce results. And even when it does, there is a chance that you won’t be able to learn more about the individual, as they may be using a private account.

#3. People Search Websites

Conducting a people search is often the most efficient way to collect in-depth information on an individual. These sites are typically linked to a wide variety of public and government databases. This makes it easy to retrieve information that is both relevant and accurate with minimal effort required.

It is for this reason that we would strongly recommend FastPeopleFinder, as it is a reliable lookup service that makes it easy to learn everything g about someone just by using their email, phone number, address, or name. 

Plus, it is free to use, so you can carry out as many people searches as you need, making it ideal for both personal and professional verification purposes.

What Makes FastPeopleFinder So Unique?

#1. Simple User Interface

Unlike most reverse lookup sites, FastPeopleFinder comes with an extremely user-friendly interface that makes it easy to quickly navigate and find information. You simply input the name, email, address or phone number in its search bar and wait a few minutes for the results!

#2. Accurate & Reliable Sources

When running a background check via FastPeopleFinder, all reports come straight from highly reliable and accurate sources such as government agencies, public directories, national registries, and more. This also ensures that the service will cover all the bases when providing you with a background report. – from contact details, education history, social accounts, property records, court filings and more.

#3. No Hidden Costs or Fees

Most people search sites that deliver the type of information that FastPeopleFinder offers will usually require you to pay a fee. However, this service does not charge anything, which means that you don’t need to create an account or subscribe to a membership, either. You can carry out as many searches as you want, thereby saving yourself a lot of money in the process.


Whenever you need to get personal information on someone like a new neighbour, an online date, a new roommate, or a potential business associate, FastPeopleFinder can be relied upon to provide quick and reliable reports.

Also, the fact that the service provides multiple search options means that even with a limited amount of information, you can find out everything there is to know about your target. Plus, it is also reassuring that the site utilizes high-end encryption to guarantee that all your searches remain confidential.

Overall, we would highly recommend FastPeopleFinder’s reverse lookup service to anyone in urgent need of some peace of mind.

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