Factors that Determine Payout Speed in an Online Casino


How fast does the online casino you play process payment? It’d be best to change it if it isn’t instant or within the same day. Fast payout in an online casino is convenient as you can easily access your wins to continue playing or withdraw into your account. It also increases the casino’s credibility and reduces the stress of prolonged waiting time. But what determines the payout speed, and how can you know about it when signing up? Below are the five factors that determine speed. 

Payment method

Casino sites have various payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, bank transfers, electronic payment, and crypto. The payment methods vary in speed of processing payout due to the technology behind them. Updated gambling sites like EWM Online Casino (EWM線上娛樂城) provide convenient and safe payment methods that process payment instantly or within the same business day. Such payment methods are designed for online transactions, hence the processing speed. 

Banking System 

An online casino’s banking system also affects the payout speed because the internal processing time varies. In addition, some casino sites must convert the currency if they operate in different currencies. Converting the funds and availing them into your account can take time. Therefore, for faster withdrawal, you should pay and withdraw in the currency used in the online currency

Security checks

Gambling sites are supposed to conduct security checks as anti-fraud measures, comply with regulations and laws, and protect players. In addition, the check protects you as it verifies that you are the account’s real owner. Therefore, depending on how rigorous the security check is, you will wait longer before receiving your payments. It’d be best to inquire how the online casino conducts security checks to determine cashout speed and choose accordingly. 

Withdrawal amount       

The amount you withdraw determines the speed because some online casinos have withdrawal limits per transaction. You must make multiple withdrawal requests in such cases, which slows the speed since the casino must process them separately. Additionally, due to subject delays from the hold period and manual review, withdrawals exceeding the limit will take longer. It’d be best to read the fine prints to learn about the withdrawal limit or lack thereof before initiating a withdrawal request. 


Your status in the online casino can also determine your payment speed. Reputable gambling platforms like EWM Online Casino (EWM線上娛樂城) provide loyalty programs for high rollers, which qualifies you for VIP membership. You enjoy priority processing, increased limits, and access to faster payment methods. In addition, some online casinos offer VIP members personalized service through dedicated VIP account managers who expedite the payment process. It’d be best to check if the online casino offers these privileges and register. 

Receiving your payment fast from an online casino offers you the chance to enjoy your win or stake it for further gaming. Unfortunately, some online casinos have slow payment processing speeds that can take weeks, leading to frustrations. Consider the factors you have read here that affect the withdrawal speed and choose an online casino with instant or same-day withdrawal.

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