Don’t say the “S-word on playing games on Toto site


As mentioned earlier, crap 토토사이트players (you might be) are very superstitious. One of the most common superstitions is that you should never say the word 7 while the points are fixed. Most players realize that what they say is not related to the dice result, but there is something like an unwritten rule that you should not say while the points are in place. When I’m on my way, I’m OK at. We won’t say what you say and what you don’t, but if you want to keep other players from being offended, this rule should be followed.

Smokers should be careful.

Be aware of the ash’s whereabouts 토토사이트in the smoking-enabled casino. Nothing can spoil a clap table more than a smoker sprinkling ash on top of it. Under the table crosspiece is a shelf where you can place ashtrays and cigarettes. Also, tables are very crowded during peak times, so staying away from the table is recommended when you want to smoke.

Blow carefully

Many players like to blow on dice to wish for good luck. It’s a popular act you’ll see many times in Craps sessions. If you choose this for good luck, blow a little on the dice. There is no need to blow strong winds that cause saliva or bacteria to blow. Other players respect you for this.

It would be best if you did not spend years throwing dice.

Players usually have a strategy for how they like to throw dice. Some players like to set the dice to a certain number before throwing them across the table. Some players also have routines to do before throwing to wish them luck. These are no problems at all and can make the game more fun. However, it is important not to take an extremely long time every time you throw a die.

If the ritual before you throw is to clap five times, roll the dice to ten, and sing the national anthem twice with 100 Jump Boxes, you might consider shortening that ritual. Players like craps because they are fun and have a good tempo. You are a great singer, but don’t let the performance of each role go.

Accuracy of Paid Bet

I want to point out two things about the accuracy of the payment of a bet. First, dealers rarely make mistakes, but most often, they are masters of the way. If you’ve always thought dealers are paying the wrong bills, it’s probably wrong about the rules. If you are unsure of your payout, kindly ask the dealer for a description and check. However, please do not do this for all bets, as it will distract the dealer’s attention and slow the game’s progress.

If you think the dealer has made a mistake in paying the bet, you can either start the bet or deal with it before trying to pick it up. Once the chips are picked up and put into the rack, the dealer will not be able to check whether there has been a mistake and will ensure that a ruling in the casino’s favor is taken.

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