Best Christian Universities in 2022

Christian Universities

The official motto of the United States is “In God We Trust,” and more than 75% of its population belongs to Christians. Do you know that the US has sheltered the single largest Christian population in the world?

Some high school students believe that religion permeates everything they indulge in and shows them the correct path in life at every phase. This sometimes makes them inclined towards enrolling in faith based colleges that can incorporate high-level Christian values and preaching.

Also, these faith based colleges may differ in their values and unique characteristics. Still, all expect their students to excel in various diverse fields, which is essential for prospective students to comprehend.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Christian colleges in 2022. Scroll down to explore more about their academic pattern.

  • Liberty University

It is among the top best Christian colleges and is a private, non-profit university located in Lynchburg. It’s considered the most substantial Christian university in the world. The campus comprises almost 17 colleges, including the school of law and the school of medicine. Moreover, it offers over 290 graduation courses, 315 masters, and 32 doctoral degrees. Its academic pattern mainly focuses on research.

  • College of Ozarks

This college in Missouri grasped the place among the best faith based colleges because it aims to provide higher education to those who can least afford it. Their undergraduate teaching program is among the four best in the country. They don’t charge any tuition fees. The only concern is that willing students have to demonstrate their education need to enroll here.

  • Arizona Christian University

This faith based college is ranked as the top regional West college. It integrates faith, fellowship, and Christain service in its students with study courses like the liberal arts program. Their annual tuition fee is measured to be about $24,000.

  • Fontbonne University

Fontbonne provides a personalized higher education ambiance to the students enrolled in liberal arts degrees or any other professional program in Christianity. With less than 1,000 students, the college is ranked 72nd among Midwestern colleges.

  • Belhaven University

This private college is undoubtedly among the best Christian colleges and is ranked #78 among other Southern institutes of higher learning. It offers Christain liberal arts program that one learns throughout his life. The annual fee here is approx. $24,000.

  • Belmont University

It is a private Christian school dedicated to excellent undergraduate teaching and is ranked at #5 among other faith based colleges in the south. In addition, Belmont is a veteran-friendly university and offers music production degrees. The annual fee here is about $32,820.

  • Taylor University

It is a conservative Christian school that promises to prepare students for ministry. In addition, this faith based college organizes various social and athletic events from time to time, including the very famous film festival. The college has attained a #25 rank among other best Christian colleges in the country due to its supportive, home-like atmosphere.

  • Samford University

It’s not only a faith based college but also a liberal arts school. The best part is their small class size which is more focused on imbibing communication, cultural and biblical knowledge, and skills in their students. The fee is around $30,000 per year.

  • Grand Canyon University

It’s a private, non-profit university located in Phoenix. Here you get many academic options for various degree programs like medicine, fine arts, and medicine. The tuition fee here is nearly $17,000 per year.

End Note

The above-mentioned are some of the best Christian colleges in the US. Moreover, some platforms like Bible College Online aim to compile reviews of different faith-based colleges and rank them accordingly to help resolve the relevant queries of people. Several other top Christian colleges include Calvin College in Michigan, Grove City College and Messiah College in Pennsylvania, Whitworth University in Washington, and Wheaton college in Illinois.

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