7 Reasons Why You Should See a Sleep Specialist in Sydney

See a Sleep Specialist in Sydney

If your baby is not sleeping well, it can be tough on both of you. Poor sleep can lead to crankiness and fatigue in babies, and it can be just as hard on parents. If you’re struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night, it may be time to seek help from a baby sleep specialist in Sydney.

A baby sleep specialist is a medical doctor who has specialized training in sleep disorders in infants and children. They can help you identify the root cause of your child’s sleep problems and create a treatment plan to address them.

In this article, we’ll share 7 reasons why you should see a baby sleep specialist.

1.   You’re exhausted:

If your baby isn’t sleeping well, it’s not just tough on them — it can be rough on you, too. You may be spending many hours each night trying to soothe your baby and get them to sleep. You may have spent hours trying different sleep techniques and methods that have not worked. This can lead to stress and exhaustion in parents, which can affect the entire family.

2.   You’ve tried everything:

If you’ve already taken steps to address your child’s sleep problems such as making changes in their diet, eliminating certain medications from their routine or implementing a new bedtime routine, then it may be time for further intervention by a medical professional who specializes in sleep disorders in infants and children.

3.   Your baby’s crying is excessive:

If you have an infant who cries excessively during the day or night, it could be due to an underlying medical condition or developmental delay that needs attention from a pediatrician or other health care provider.

However, if your baby doesn’t have any physical or developmental issues, then they may simply be struggling with poor sleeping habits that need correction through therapy and education provided by a trained sleep professional.

4.   Your baby doesn’t nap well:

If your baby isn’t napping well, it can make it hard for them to transition from one activity to another. If they aren’t getting enough sleep during the day, they may become overtired or irritable later in the afternoon or evening.

A baby sleep specialist can help you figure out why your child is having trouble sleeping during the day and come up with strategies for helping them catch up on their rest.

5.   Your baby has trouble self-soothing:

If your baby is having trouble calming himself or herself down at night, it can be frustrating for both of you. You may find yourself getting up multiple times each night to check on your baby and get him back to sleep. This can lead to fatigue and irritability in both of you, which isn’t good for anyone.

A baby sleep specialist can help you identify the root cause of your child’s problem and create a treatment plan specifically tailored to your child’s needs.

6.   Your baby is on the go all night long:

If your baby wakes up every 2 hours or more at night, it may need some extra help getting back to sleep. A good rule of thumb is that if your baby wakes up at least twice during the night, they need some intervention. Babies who are waking up too frequently are at risk of not getting enough quality sleep throughout the night — which means they may be cranky and overtired during the day (and so will mom!).

7.   Nothing seems to help your baby sleep better:

If nothing seems to work when trying to get your baby to sleep better, there could be an underlying medical condition that’s causing their behaviour. For example, some babies with reflux have trouble getting comfortable because they have pain while lying down or when they feed during the night.

A visit with your pediatrician will help determine if there are underlying causes for this behaviour that could be easily fixed with medication or other treatments.


A baby sleep specialist in Sydney can help you become less stressed and get more sleep.

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