7 Reasons to Invest Your Cash In a Henry 22 Lever Action

Henry 22 Lever Action

Henry is a manufacturer of lever action rifles that’s been around since the American Civil War. While it may have changed hands from the original owners, it remains an all-American company, with its rifles – like the Henry 22 Lever Action – manufactured in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Their weapons may not have the commercial appeal of the likes of Sig Sauer and Winchester, but we feel this is rather unfair. As such, we’re now going to give you 7 reasons why it’s a manufacturer to consider for your next rifle purchase. 

Reason #1 – Their Weapons Are All-American 

We’ve mentioned it before, and we’ll say it again – Henry 22 Lever action rifles, like their entire range, are manufactured and finished right here in the US. Their marketing is very keen to point this out, as it matters that the company provides jobs and contributes to our economy. 

Reason #2 – Top Customer Service 

If you’ve ever had reason to call Henry about their products, you can’t help but have noticed that their customer service is right up there with the best. No automated lines, just real people with the expertise necessary to resolve whatever issue you have. 

Reason #3 – Their Rifles are Versatile

Whatever your needs are, Henry rifles can handle them. So, whether you’re plinking, target shooting or out hunting, you’ll get great performance and accuracy. There’s a rifle for every type of shooting need, as well as a bunch of accessories to make yours your own. 

Reason #4 – A Variety of Chambers Offered

In addition to the Henry 22 Lever action rifle, the manufacturer offers 17 and 22 magnum rimfire options. They also offer centerfire choices including 357 magnum, 44s, 45s, 3030s and 4570s. You’ll find an option in the Henry range for whatever you need. 

Reason #5 – Lots of Colors Available 

Something else you get to enjoy when buying Henry rifles is a wide range of choices when it comes to colors and themes. You have some great standard colors that include matte black, silver and brass, as well as lots of tribute themes. In truth, the customisation options are virtually limitless. 

Reason #6 – Super Accurate & Super Smooth 

If that weren’t already enough, Henry Lever action rifles are also super accurate and offer a very smooth firing action. With a little practice, you can hit a 3-inch target at a range of 300 yards every time you shoot. You will have to put the hours in, but the benefits are obvious. 

Reason #7 – Low Recoil & Simple Safety

Last, but by no means least, Henry rifles offer minimal recoil (because of their wide buttstocks, forward weight balance and octagonal barrels). The design of these unique rifles also makes safety an easy thing to stay on top of. They’re constructed to make negligent discharges a thing of the past. 

Why Not Invest in a Henry 22 Lever Action Rifle Today?

Henry rifles may cost more than some of the many other options available, but when you invest your money in one, you get an American-built, versatile rifle that’s safe and easy to fire. With low recoil, great accuracy and versatility, it’s a wonder why more aren’t sold across the US.

What you buy for your shooting needs is entirely up to you, but before you decide upon something else, take a look at what Henry has to offer.

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