4 Essential PC Games for Beginners

games that can be enjoyed by all types of gamers

There are impressive graphics cards and updated desktop computers with much more RAM than is legal in most countries on the market today. Welcome to the game console with the widest range of games. But is there really a problem? There are way too many games to choose from.

This list includes new and classic games that can be enjoyed by all types of gamers on PC before considering anything else. First, the list doesn’t necessarily focus on what pushes the hardware to the limit. In fact, most of the listings in this article anyone can play on any computer, whether that’s a high-end gaming PC or not.

Read on for the 4 best PC games a beginner should start with before delving into the magnificent world of PC gaming.


Minecraft is getting bigger and better, just like the structures you can build in the world. This is the only sandbox game that promises complete freedom. You can break and place blocks as you like, recreate the entire Westeros from Game of Thrones, or build and live in a simple cottage by the sea.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is hidden beneath underground labyrinths. As you jump through it, you’ll gradually learn more about this insect-inhabited world. The map sounds endless, and even early in the game, you’ll encounter vast places you didn’t realize existed. You will connect instantly with an unfamiliar environment because it makes sense when you pass these.

You’ll face off against 28 bosses and travel to various locations, like vast gardens and frozen planes sprinkled by the ashes of a long-dead entity. You’ll be able to modify your character, The Knight, using charms that change your playstyle as you go.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5

We’re just as pleased with a new racing game and as excited about how the game will be improved. The game does not feel or look similar to Playground Games’ racing spectacles. Forza trades the streets from England into Mexico. It’s just like traveling in a car in real life.

With the new Mexican landscape, Forza is a getaway on wheels that even teaches you some intriguing characteristics of its native nation. The game’s mission is only complete if you want to pack your bags and go on a journey after you put the controller down.

Forza Horizon

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is an extravagant game where you can kill monsters and turn their tails into axes. The stunning map of the Coral Highlands – from the bright, enchanting coral forests to the toxic clouds of the secluded, untamed valley is the perfect backdrop for some excellent fights. These monsters’ massive but elegant looks make them both learn their moves set and counter, able to feel like an action game rather than a button-mash hack-and-slash game. Gearing up for the gear tree is daunting, but the Monster Hunter remains a popular tool for monster hunters.

With 14 weapon types and hundreds of items to craft, climbing the gear tree can feel overwhelming, but it’s still the most accessible Monster Hunter to date. A generous loot system means that, even when you’re grinding for a particular armor set, you’re constantly picking up valuable items you didn’t know you wanted. Plus, finding clues about monsters will automatically lead you to their location, meaning you can travel between its excellent fights faster than ever. Happy hunting.

Where can you buy and play a PC game?

Most PC games can be purchased from Steam stores. Steam is a game shop online for finding and buying great PC games. The Steam installation must be completed before registering on a computer, and you have a password. After installing Steam, the games are automatically inserted into the library. You have to have enough room on your device to download the games, and Steam will prompt you when you do not have enough space for the game. The space that you have in the computer settings is checked by clicking on this button.

Other places you can buy and play games

Even though Steam was the most recognizable online retailer of games for the PCs, this isn’t the only site. Many games publishers own stores, where you can find great games you haven’t tried before. Some are more online stores selling games exclusive to the game platforms, two of them being Epic Games store, known for Fortnite and its weekly free-to-play game, and Microsoft Store, known as Xbox One.

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