10 Powerful Personal Training Marketing Strategies To Attract New Clients

personal training marketing

The first thing you need to know as a personal trainer who intends to attract new clients is that no one will learn about the service you offer without an effective marketing strategy or plan.

Also getting a Personal Trainer Certification, does not guarantee an immediate flow of clients, at the end of the day it all comes down to one question, how effective is your personal training marketing strategy?

This is why you must draft a working strategy to attract new clients for your personal training business. In case the old customers achieve their fitness goals and move on, you’ll still have a loyal customer base to continue the business.

In this post, you’ll find out ten powerful Personal Training Marketing Strategies To Attract New Clients

Ready? let’s jump right in.

  1. Narrow your niche to be super specific
  2. Offer unique packages and pricing
  3. Brand your personal training business
  4. Develop a content marketing strategy for your business
  5. Choose a social network for distribution (blogs, social media platforms email lists, SEO, youtube)
  6. Build a community
  7. Ask for referrals/testimonials
  8. Create healthy partnership
  9. Apply to personal training directories and community
  10. Attend personal training events

Narrow your niche to be super specific

As a personal trainer, you need to know who is the specific group of people your business serves and what primary solution your business offers them. This is the best way to attract clients faster with minimal effort.

First, you need to look at the people, then the kind of solution that will be provided for them. This way, the more specific your niche is, the more your client will see your business as their only solution.

Now, who is your target audience?

  • Gender: male, female, or both
  • Age group: Teens, adults, middle age and old people
  • Location: City, state, country-specific

The niche of people you choose must fit three criteria

  1. You can locate them with ease
  2. They are enough to sustain your business
  3. They are able and willing to invest in your business

Offer unique packages and pricing

Offering unique packages and pricing for your personal fitness clients is one way to attract clients. Packages may include simply tailored nutrition and fitness plans. Having defined your niche, you now have the room to decide what kind of packages and pricing to offer your clients.

Most personal fitness trainers often offer different packages, templates, and pricing plans to their customers depending on each person’s needs and demands at the moment.

The best part about offering packages is that it makes your customers feel like you understand their needs and are willing to respond to their pain points at all times. This way, they’re more relaxed knowing that you’ve got them covered on their fitness goals.

On the other hand, you’re able to offer them already designed fitness programs to meet their goals. Say for example someone wants to lose belly fat or tone their muscles. You’ll have drawn a fitness plan for each of the categories. It is one way to offer a tailored service through the door.

Brand your personal training business

Brand awareness is one of the most things in marketing your business to reach new clients.

Take a look at many big brands, when you see their logo you know right away what company that logo is associated with, now that’s brand awareness. You need to think to yourself, do people think immediately of your business and the service you offer, when they see your logo?

No matter how good your services are, the key to long-term success is building your brand awareness. No one would ever know about your services unless they are aware of them. That’s why brand awareness is very crucial for your business.

Develop a content marketing strategy for your business

What comes to mind when developing a content marketing strategy for your business?

First, why you are creating the content: to reach new clients and keep the new client.

Secondly, who are you helping: people who need personal trainers

And lastly, how can your service help them in a way that no one else can?

In addition, you can learn how to be a good Content Strategist to get be able to get the best content across to your clients. while doing so can help in the optimization of your business, and also help you in attracting new clients. And this is also the first step in keeping your client, but it is important to note that keeping a client has more to it than just that.

Your content must be very convincing and precise to enable your clients to understand what your business is all about.

Choose a social network for distribution(Blogs, Social media platforms, Email lists, SEO, Youtube)

Just important as content delivery is, one must ensure to do chose a perfect distribution channel, strategically. While selecting the preferred channel of social distribution, you need to consider the pain points of your audience and buyer persona.

Choosing a social media platform doesn’t mean that you have to be available and accessible on all the platforms. You can choose one or two where tour target customers often meet and focus your marketing there.

Yes, there is a variety of social media platforms nowadays for you to find customers but the truth is that your customers are more settled on some platforms than others. It is then your role to fish them out on those platforms and serve them according to their needs.

Considering that most social media platforms prefer certain content delivery types over others, you may need to consider what content type to create too. For example, videos, graphics, or articles.

Build A Community

Community is a very crucial aspect of marketing, having a group who have similar interests in the services you provide is very important in personal training marketing. Your clients are more likely to stick around and remain loyal if they have a community they feel connected to.

There are certain benefits of Online Community Forums that make it rewarding to focus your attention on building a strong community for your personal fitnes business.

Within the community of health enthusiasts or nutritionists, you’ll eventually find new clients who are interested in a personal trainer to help them achieve their goals or just someone they can connect with. Connection is always a strong strategy to attract new clients to the personal training business.

Ask For Referrals/Reviews

Asking for referrals is as simple as asking your current customers to direct their friends to you. To execute this marketing strategy, you may even attach an incentive like a discount or coupon code. This way, your customers can give referrals knowing that there is something in it for them.

Even without an incentive, you can extract a kind review from your costumes by simply asking them for changes in their body, posting their before and after pictures, or a screenshot of your conversation. Of course, with approvals. This builds a solid conviction in the heart of clients that you can be trusted to help them reach their goals too.

Create Healthy Partnership

Creating a healthy partnership is very vital and this comes in different shapes and sizes. The effect they can have on your community and business can be huge. Forming a partnership with local businesses in your industry can overall help to generate brand awareness.

 A case study shows that 38% of consumers want to support local businesses, also working with local businesses that may already have an interest in your business can help you attract more clients. It is important to note that partnership marketing allows your personal training marketing efforts to hone in on a target audience that another business has already identified.

Apply To Personal Training Directories And Community

Get your business registered to as many directories and communities as possible, at least 30 to 60 directories. Simply do an online google search you must be to find many personal training directories to help expose your business and attract new clients.

A community can also come in handy to get you to new clients more faster and effectively because these are people who enjoy the services of a personal trainer.

Attend Personal Training Events

The dynamics of the personal training industry are constantly changing, therefore there is a need for personal trainers to adapt to these changes to help improve their personal training marketing. These events or conferences can help them learn about these changes and also how they can adapt to them.

These events are targeted toward personal trainers they are :

These events are designed to help you feel confident and positive at the end. As a personal trainer, it is very vital not to miss out on events such as these.

They also help to create room for improvement, which can bring you up to speed, on new ways to attract new clients.

Now, there are other marketing strategies you can employ to attract new clients. Simply study your current stage and immediate environment for what people need and how you can meet that need.

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